APT Systems Announces Completion of First Phase in Complying with SEC Act Rule 15c2-11

SAN FRANCISCO, CA— (06/21/21) – APT Systems, Inc. (OTC Pink: APTY), a software development and fintech company, has announced completion of the first unofficial phase of achieving compliance with the Security and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) amendments to Exchange Act Rule 15c2-11.  (described here: https://www.sec.gov/news/press-release/2020-212)

The new regulations enhance disclosure and investor protection in the OTC market by requiring all companies to provide financial disclosure to the marketplace prior to the end of September. APTY is committed to completing the process in a timely manner to ensure the ticker keeps trading.

APT Systems has submitted company information and application fees to the OTC. The final phase will be completed when the OTC registers APT Systems and provides access to the OTC Disclosure & News Service dashboard. Companies use the dashboard to upload financial statements and news for publication.

“We applaud this modernization of OTC documentation and report processing,” says Glenda Dowie, President & CEO of APT Systems, “The OTC dashboard will simplify our reporting and enhance transparency for our investors across a vibrant OTC marketplace.”

APTY has three key areas of focus:

  • Verifundr. Verifundr, an escrow and payments provider, represents a trusted financial ecosystem using blockchain technology to creates smart contacts that help eliminate the expensive fees and excessive time currently required to transfer funds after closing.  The system will rely on smart contracts that are backed by both USD and the APTY-developed Spera stablecoin to facilitate transactions of any type or size within a network of vetted and verified participants.
  • Spera. Spera stablecoin is used to help facilitate the broad range of transaction types managed on Verifundr. Using Spera avoids the wild fluctuations that can be part of the cryptocurrency marketplace and the challenges of international transfers. Spera was designed to bridge the gap between fiat and cryptocurrency by fully anchoring itself to the US dollar to create real intrinsic exchangeable value, which we refer to as “Trustworthy Redemption.”
  • AUREX Trading and Recovery. AUREX Trading and Recovery, DBA as TheRefiningCompany.com, is a wholly owned subsidiary of APT Systems focused on harvesting the gold, silver, and other high-value metals used in electronics because of their special conductive and other essential properties while helping to reduce electronic waste currently going to landfills.

Visit www.therefiningcompany.com to learn more about the company’s precious metal recovery business, and visit www.sperastablecoin.com to learn more about Spera, a stablecoin that we plan to partially back with recovered gold.

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