APT SYSTEMS INC. – Trading Symbol APTY

Edmonton, AB, February 26, 2014 - APT Systems Inc. (APTY) is pleased to announce that is has received confirmation from FINRA of its trading symbol of APTY effective immediately. APT Systems is a fully reporting public company whose stock is listed on the Over the Counter Bulletin Board (OTCBB). Management may now undertake to make DTC application for their initial eligibility to trade electronically.
We are a publicly registered company now operating under the symbol “APTY”. At the inception of the company the focus was on trading tools for hand held devices and the development new trading technologies, which may include acquisitions if supportive to the overall company goals.  To date, APT Systems has released an educational e-book on trading strategies, available on Apple (AAPL) iPads and iPhones.
Management aims to fully explore innovative technological possibilities while uncovering new proprietary processes that can be developed and delivered to the benefit of users. We are constantly evaluating the feasibility of providing additional products including fund management tools for both professionals and institutions.  
For additional information contact:
Glenda Dowie, President and CEO
About APT Systems Inc:
Management of APT Systems, Inc. works to develop and deliver stock trading tools with focus on handheld devices while also strategically acquiring other compatible financial businesses which demonstrate strong growth potential stemming from a solid business plan.
About DTCC:
DTCC clears and settles virtually all broker-to-broker equity, listed corporate and municipal bond and unit investment trust (UIT) transactions in the U.S. equities markets, advancing new initiatives and driving development of products and services that mitigate risk, reduce costs and enhance processing efficiencies for market participants (http://www.dtcc.com/en.aspx).
Any forward-looking statements made in this press release are accurate as of the date made and are not guarantees of future performance. Actual results or developments may differ materially from the expectations expressed or implied in the forward-looking statements, and we undertake no obligation to update any such statements. Additional information on factors that could influence our financial results is included in our filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission, including our Annual Reports on Form 10-K and Quarterly Reports on Form 10-Q.